A Love Letter to the Weasley Twins

Tomorrow is a day famed for sneaky pranks and a chorus of voices shouting “April fools”. This year, pranksters are having to tap into their creative side to adapt to the uncertain times. If they decide to prank at all. In honor of the day of pranksters, who better to talk about than the most famous jokesters in literature? Today I want to honor my favorite pranksters and fellow twins, Fred and George Weasley. 

From the first time we meet Fred and George Weasley, we can tell they’re jokesters. They mess with their mom by declaring that she mixed their names up. Instead, they are the ones who switched names! As a fellow twin, I know this prank well. Even a rule follower like myself can’t resist switching places with her twin to annoy our parents. When we follow Harry to Hogwarts, it’s clear that the twins are well known for their jokes. Fred and George have pranked Peeves, the teachers, students, and even Voldemort. They threw snowballs at Voldemort without knowing in the first book! I bet they shared a high-five when they learned who was behind Quirrell’s turban. 

Fred and George are most famous in the books for their variety of inventions. I remember reading with fascination and slight disgust as they described their wares. Puking pastilles? Nosebleed nougats? They sound gross and a bit cruel. Still, their crazy inventions had Hogwarts students lining up for more. Fred and George were the king jesters of the school!

But the Weasleys used their knack for pranks for good as well. When Umbridge took over Hogwarts, the students were on lockdown. It was like a dementor went through the place. The Weasleys sold their products to students at a discount with one rule: use them on Umbridge. Needless to say, the students took this request to heart. Over time Umbridge and her posse were sneak attacked by the Weasley products. As a fellow Umbridge despiser, I’m sure the feeling of revenge was sweet. They capped off their tirade with a final bow that I still remember to this day. The twins decided to throw a fireworks show in the school as their farewell to learning. The fireworks sent Umbridge into a tizzy, and the swamp took weeks to clean up. They told Peeves to “give her hell from us” and he took it to heart. If you can get a poltergeist to listen to you, you’ve got pranking skills. At that moment, Fred and George Weasley were my favorite characters in Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, you can’t talk about these twins without mentioning the Battle of Hogwarts. Before that day, the Weasleys were running a thriving joke shop from hiding. Life seemed hopeful, despite the looming threat of Voldemort. Then, the scene happened. In the midst of the fight, Fred Weasley died with a laugh on his lips. It was awful, separating the twins from each other.  To be honest with you, I still haven’t forgiven J.K. Rowling for writing it. But even in the end, Fred went out laughing. 

Despite their heartbreaking separation at the battle, Fred and George’s storyline is wonderful. They are always there for their family and friends, especially Harry. They are the reason he has the Mauraders Map after all! That is why the Weasley twins are the best pranksters in my book. They have the wits and the talent, but also the heart to be great guys and jokesters. 

What is your favorite Fred and George moment? Are they your favorite practical jokers, or do you have a different favorite? Let me know in the comments below! If you are thinking of celebrating April fools this year, please keep a safe distance. And please, please do not sneeze or cough on someone as a prank. That’s a one-way ticket to trouble town. I hope y’all are staying safe and healthy. Happy reading!

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