4 Great American Folklore Podcast Episodes to Check Out

Today marks the official first day of fall! It’s finally the season of ghost stories told around campfires. Around this time, folklore also makes a reappearance in droves. Folklore here in America often features the woodsy forests and mysterious vibe that brings fall to mind. They’re also fun stories to tell around a campfire during the spooky season. To get myself into the fall spirit, I’ve been enjoying folk tales in many forms. More recently, I’ve been enjoying them in podcast form. Are you interested in taking a dive into some American folklore? I’ve got a few podcast episodes that you need to check out!

Image from ATTWD

  1. And That’s Why We Drink- A Ouija Board Lemon and Poetized Martinis, Episode 188

Do you like telling spooky stories with your friends? This is the podcast for you! Join Em and Christine as they tell paranormal and true crime stories. You’ll be charmed by their friendly banter and fun tangents. They’ve covered countless stories, from windegos to con men. Em is the paranormal storyteller of this gang. In a recent episode, they told the classic tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s a tale that’s bound to get you into the Halloween and fall spirit. This story, originally by Washington Irving, is given new life by Em as they paint a vivid picture of the spooky story. While adding in their signature peanut gallery comments, of course. I don’t want to give much away, but you could say there’s a “loaf” of great asides this episode. These comments bring in a modern look at this folklore, and often leads to a bunch of inside jokes for the ATTWD fans. You might find yourself in the future enjoying a glass of wine with Christine or a milkshake with Em as you listen to their next great telling!

Image from Myths and Legends

  1. Myths and Legends- Bad Dad, Episode 159

It’s time for another look at a Washington Irving tale. He was a big part of American folklore after the American Revolution, so it seems appropriate to include another one of his stories on this list. Jason Weiser hosts and Carrisa Weiser produces this show that takes a modern look at the classic myths and legends of cultures around the world. Jason’s retelling of these stories often involve sarcastic comments and hilarious quips. Plus weekly creature that is always as intriguing as it is odd. In this episode, Jason respins the yarn about Rip Van Winkle. He does a great job of telling these stories so that the jokes and comments that Irving wants to get across will resonate with a modern audience. His occasionally sassy comments about the writer himself are an added plus. 

Image from Our New England Legends

  1. New England Legends- 3 Strange Beats From the Woods of Maine, Episode 133

Like many early American folk tales, these tales take place in the Northeast. Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger cover the tales of three odd beasts that loggers claim to have seen in the mysterious woods of Maine. Jeff and Ray always start off their episodes with the atmosphere of the legend’s location. This’ll get you in the mood for the retelling. In this episode, they start off with the sounds of the forest and felling trees. They even pretend to be loggers gathering with their buddies to begin these tales. These two then proceed to fit well told stories of three different beasts into the span of 11 minutes! These episodes may be short, but they use every second wisely. It’s another bingeable podcast for more American folktales and legends to enjoy on a fall day.

Image from The Folklore Podcast

  1. The Folklore Podcast- Slenderman, Episode 1

This podcast takes a unique look at Folklore. Mark Norman hosts this podcast. He is often joined by members of the Folklore Society and others specialized in the study of folklore. This podcast is more of an interview or discussion style podcast, where Mark discusses the details of the folklore theme with a guest. In the first episode, Mark speaks with Dr. Andrea Kitta about a new American folktale. Slenderman made news back in 2014. They discuss the origins and motives of Slenderman, as well as the impact modern technology has on his tale. As they discuss, it’s fascinating to watch the creation of a new legend unfold in front of our eyes. This is especially true for the 21st century, when it seems unlikely that new legends could pop up. This episode brings the spook factor, along with some great academic insight into this modern legend. 

Have you listened to these podcasts? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any great recommendations for the spooky season. I’m always up for adding more podcasts to my lists. I hope you enjoyed the writing and experience of these podcasts. They are just a few of the great ones out there ready for you to check out. Hopefully these will help you get into the fall season and expose you some more American folklore. Happy fall everyone, and happy writing!

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