Three More of my Favorite Female Characters

Happy Women’s History Month! This is a great time to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce on some great female characters. From the villains to the romantic comedy protagonists, there are so many relatable and exciting female characters. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten even more great female characters to celebrate. Last year I highlighted just a few of my favorite female characters. This year, I decided to add to that list with a few more amazing picks. These ladies are just a few more of the amazing female characters that I love.

Image from Grishaverse

  1. Nina- Six of Crows Duology

On my last list I had a shout out for Inej, but I couldn’t resist fangirling over Nina. Nina is one of the main characters in the Six of Crows duology known as a Grisha Heartwrender, aka someone with magical powers. In a series full of dynamic characters, Nina stands strong and plays a pivotal role in the plot. We first see her in Ketterdam when Kaz Brekker, the head of a gang in the Barrel, recruits her for a dangerous heist. She is a determined woman who joined a group of Ravka fighters at a young age to fight the Fjerdan troops who despise her kind. Because of a terrible mistake, she’s stuck in the slums of Ketterdam until she makes it right. When Kaz offers her an opportunity to make it right, she jumps at the plan. She joins the team as the resident magic-wielder and actress with a knowledge of many languages. What I love about Nina is that she is a badass, but is also a friendly person with an insatiable love for waffles. Yes, you read that right, waffles. She loves all things sweet and food in general. She often states how many waffles she would buy with the money they’ll get from the heist. Nina is also blunt, but a good friend to her teammates. She takes care of them when they need her, but isn’t afraid to sass back when they decide to do something stupid. She is also an important character for girls because she’s a curvy girl who is confident, powerful, and not looked down upon because of her size. Those characters are currently few and far between, so it was very exciting for her to show up on the scene. 

Image from Goodreads

  1. Veronica Speedwell- The Veronica Speedwell series

Veronica Speedwell is a perfect example of someone ahead of her time. She is almost a character who is plucked out of the 20th or 21st century and is put into the 1800s. While this would be annoying with most characters, Veronica has this charm and moxy that makes it more reasonable and realistic. She has spent much of her life as a butterfly scientist, which has led her to many adventures around the world. When the story begins, she is packing up her house after her last “aunt” has passed away. Veronica knows they aren’t her aunts genetically, but her family is a mystery to her.  She decided after the funeral to go on another butterfly expedition, which she was quick to defend when the bishop and his wife questioned her. She used her quick wit and blunt speech to weasel her way out of a marriage she was not interested in and prepare for her departure. When she is thrown into a dangerous situation, Veronica takes the challenge head-on. 

Something I really admire about her is her intelligence. She isn’t afraid to display her smarts, despite it being discouraged by those around her. Once she joins forces with a fellow adventure scientist named Stoker, Veronica holds her own against him in wit and knowledge. Together, they use their smarts to solve a mystery that they’ve been roped into. Veronica is also a flawed character who sometimes has to get pulled out of the dumb situations in which she interserts herself. It’s nice to have a badass female character who also feels like a real person. If you love sleuths who have witty banter with their partners, she’s the character for you.

Image from Goodreads

  1. Emma- Emma 

Emma is one of Jane Austen’s most famous heroines. While she doesn’t have the enemies to lovers romance like Elizabeth Bennett, I still love her story and character. Emma is a wealthy girl who is definitely spoiled by her father. She has her moments where she is a clueless rich girl, but often she is a kind and witty person. And yes, that is a shout out to her modern version, Cher. Emma is a good friend, if a bit out of touch at times. She uses her boredom and self-proclaimed skills to become the matchmaker of her sleepy village. She tries, with the best of intentions, to set up her new friend Harriet with prospective suitors. These best intentions quickly create problems for those around her, but through it all she strives to be a great friend. Emma is the poster child for good intentions that go horribly wrong. Despite this, she is still somehow loveable and likable. 

Emma is also someone who tries to learn from her mistakes and own up to them. It takes a bit for her to catch on to her questionable matchmaking skills, but once she does she is determined to make things right. She tells Harriet that she was wrong, and apologizes to those she upset during the dreaded picnic scene. It did take a scolding from her longtime friend Mr. Knightley, but she still took the step to make things right. I also love her banter with Mr. Knightley and their friendship. Emma is a great example of a character who feels like a real person who grows and learns to be a better person. 
What do you think of the characters on my list? Who are your favorite female characters? Let me know in the comments below! It was so difficult to choose only three more female characters for this post. I have so many other favorites that have inspired me. In the future I will continue to highlight more of these awesome ladies! Do you have a story with a great female character that you want me to check out? You can send me book recommendations by filling out the book survey here. Happy reading!

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