10 things I want to see in the Percy Jackson Adaptation on Disney+

A few weeks ago, Rick Riordan confirmed something that Percy Jackson fans hoped for years. In the future, Disney+ will release a Percy Jackson series! As someone who grew up loving the original series, I was ecstatic to hear the news. The series is full of amazing moments that were either altered or cut in the movies that won’t be named. With a series lead by Uncle Rick, it’s likely that we’ll get to see some of our favorite moments in live-action.  In anticipation, I tried to imagine some of the moments I’m dying to see on screen. There are countless quips, hilarious moments, and even heart wrenching scenes. Here are a few that I can’t wait to see in the series. 

  1. The Nobody jokes from Sea of Monsters

 As a mythology nerd and someone with fond memories of the Odyssey, I was so happy to see these jokes in the books. It’s not as long running as the dam joke, but it’s still pretty great. It’s a cool mix of informative and a way to highlight the sass and quick wit of the characters in the book. 

  1. Mr. D being Mr D.

Something that I missed in the movies was the full character of Mr. D, aka Dionysus. I loved the dynamic between Percy and Mr. D, especially in the later stories.  At the beginning, their relationship is more for laughs and sass. This part of the story offers a lot of great comedic opportunities. In the later books, we start to see a more “human” side of Mr. D through all the intentional name-calling. It was nice to see a god care about his kids, especially during a book where many half-bloods were struggling with their absentee godly parents. 

  1. Grover and Percy’s bond 

Something that I really liked about the story was Grover and Percy’s mental bond. The dreams and mental communication added a lot to the story and their friendship. We got to see a bit of their friendship in the movies, but we missed what made their bond so special. It would also be a fun thing to shoot in tv show format, so I hope we get to see that done well.

  1. The sassy chapter titles… in any way possible please

This is a lot harder to include than the other items on this list, but I hope they can find a way. The chapter titles were one of my favorite parts of the series because they illustrate the tone of the book so well. And this girl loves creative sass, so they need to include them somehow. Maybe episode titles? I’m sure Uncle Rick will think of something.

  1. Apollo’s puns and crappy poetry

Apollo is more of a side character in this series, but he has some memorable moments in the series. As a pun lover, I loved his puns and hilariously crappy poetry. It was a fun juxtaposition from the Greek mythology version of Apollo. It also makes his more serious moments more impactful to the series. 

  1. Tyson and Percy’s Relationship

Tyson and Percy’s relationship is something that I want to see grow on screen. At the beginning, Percy was definitely frustrated at the fact that there was another son of Poseidon. But overtime, there’s a great growth in their relationship that also helps Percy and Tyson grow as demigods. It’s a great example of how sibling relationships can help you grow, even if you aren’t on great terms at the start. Also, I loved their interactions in the book. I want to see that wholesome mix of annoyed brother and cinnamon-roll brother on screen!

  1. Rachel Dare

I have to admit, Rachel Dare annoyed me a bit when we first met her. But over time, I grew to appreciate her character and arc. She can see through the mist, which is rare for anyone mortal. In fact, one of the few who can in the books is Luke’s mom. Rachel’s story has the risk of going down the same path as Luke’s mom, but she instead takes the reigns of the Oracle with determination. Being chosen by Apollo is a huge help to avoid Mrs. Castellan’s fate. I also want to see Rachel’s story arc because she is a dynamic person who, despite her lack of demigod strength, plays a big role in saving the world. So awesome.

  1. Blackjack and Mrs. O’Leary

Blackjack and Mrs. O’Leary are a great part of the series. They may not be primary characters of the books, but they help the primary characters move the plot along in great ways. Blackjack, as Percy’s Pegasus, is helpful to him in battle or when the demigods are trying to escape. Also, he’s hilarious and helps keep the sassy tone of the books with his quips. I just want to see a flying horse demand donuts. Is that too much to ask? Mrs. O’Leary is a great character, because she expands the lore of the story and is a great dynamic for Percy. Giant hellhound with the personality of a puppy? So many great situations to play out on screen. 

  1. The stakes

Something that I appreciate about the Percy Jackson series is that it’s real to an extent about the cost of war. You know why these kids are choosing to spend their summers learning to fight. There are stakes when the impending battle against Kronos grows closer. People die, people get hurt, and even betray each other. In the movies, it felt like the stakes weren’t at the same level. It is a Disney+ show for kids, so they obviously can’t go too far, but it’s important to show that the kids at Camp Half-Blood are fighting a dividing battle. A few of these moments for me that were super important was when Bekendorf died, and Silena’s betrayal afterwards. It  reminded the readers that those fighting in this war were teenagers. It also showed the sacrifices they had to make to get them to the Battle of Manhattan.

  1. More of the campers and their shenanigans 

The quests are an exciting part of what makes the Percy Jackson series great, but the camp is just as important. It’s the home base, where Percy learns more about being a demigod and trains for his future adventures. Another great thing about the camp is that we get to see the other demigod’s shenanigans and personalities. The Hermes cabin is always up for a prank, and the fun rivalries always brought about fun moments. I hope that the show will include some of these not only so we get to know more demigods, but also to change up the pace a bit. Quests back to back is fun, but after awhile it can get boring. That’s why the books have the camp adventures woven in, and why the show needs to include these moments also. 

What are some things you want to see in the Percy Jackson adaptation? Do you have any theories about casting or what they’re going to include? Let me know in the comments below! I’m so excited see the series, and hope it goes well. Happy reading everyone!

10 Iconic Percy Jackson Quotes to Make You Laugh

Over the years, I’ve read countless book series. There are many iconic ones that changed my life, like a story involving a boy wizard on quite the adventure. When I was in middle school, a new series began that brought me as much joy as searching for the Philosopher’s Stone. Percy Jackson, written by Rick Riordan, was a series that had it all. Greek mythology, a snarky hero, a cool female character, and a lovable best friend, and more! Throughout reading the first series, I found myself laughing, and on the edge of my seat.  The fan-named Uncle Rick is a master at blending humor, action and heart. But the hilarity of the series is one of the most iconic attributes. Here are a few of the iconic lines from the amazing series Percy Jackson.

  1. This gem, in which Percy is all of us.
  1. A famous quote…with a twist!
  1. Leo is all of us hour 10 of studying after 5 caffeinated beverages.
  1. The moment when Percy speaks the truth.
  1. The Percy Jackson origin story. And the reason why I’m occasionally tempted to dye my cookies blue.
  1. The beginning of my shipping problem.
  1. This quote, aka the series in a nutshell.
  1. This vivid description of going to the Underworld
  1. The dam classic that is still funny to my 25 year-old brain.
  1. Last but not least, proof that being a demigod is a wild ride.

What are your favorite Percy Jackson quotes?  Who do you think has the best lines? Let me know in the comments below! This was so hard to narrow down to 10 quotes, that I’m already itching to dive back into Percy’s world! In fact, why don’t we take a trip back to Camp Half-Blood together? I’ll be in Apollo’s cabin if you need me. Happy reading Half-Bloods!

5 Recipes from Novels to Make Right Now

Over the past few days, I’ve felt the baking bug sneak up on me. Watching so many videos of people baking bread and cookies will do that to you! Since I have more time on the weekends than I used to, I decided to kick up my baking a notch. Instead of my usual Betty Crocker cookies, why not take inspiration from food in books? There are many people who have tested and created versions of food in some of my favorite stories. The opportunities are endless, as long as you have the ingredients of course. Here are five recipes that I’m itching to try!

Image from Bijoux and Bits

  1. Pumpkin Pasties- Harry Potter series

Harry Potter is full of mouth-watering treats. Pumpkin pasties are among the treats that always make my mouth water. Luckily for me, it is one of the few treats from the books that already exist! Pumpkin pasties are a great addition to a fall feast. Or, if you’re like me, year-round because why not. If you have a can of pumpkin puree lying around, then check out Bijoux and Bit’s recipe! If you’re ready for some pumpkin goodness, try out their recipe here.

Image from Narnia.com 

  1. Turkish Delight- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

When I first read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Turkish delight intrigued me. What was it? Why did Edmund betray his family for some? Later in life, I learned that this treat is a gelatin-based and covered in powdered sugar. I still haven’t tried this treat, but it is an intriguing option. Will I meet a Snow Queen if I eat one? Or a talking lion who will save me from said Queen? These are the questions my quarantined brain is thinking about. If you want to create your own Turkish delight, try out the recipe on Narnia’s official website! If you do try out the recipe here, let me know if you find a suspicious wardrobe full of snow.

Image from Feast of Starlight

  1. Lembas Bread- Lord of the Rings

I was first introduced to Lembas bread and the world of Lord of the Rings when I was in college. A time when the idea of a slice of bread keeping you full for days sounded like a broke college kid’s dream. If you want to channel your inner elf, the recipe by Feast of Starlight is one to try. While I’m not an Elvish baker, I’m sure this bread would still be tasty if made by a human. It might even keep you full on your journey from the bed to the couch, if for a few hours. 

Image from The Little Library Café

  1. Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight- Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

When I was younger, I inhaled Roald Dahl books like they were chocolate. It was fitting when I got my hands on one of his most famous books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I was wonder-struck with Charlie as Mr. Wonka took the kids through his factory. So many of the treats tickled my fancy, but this chocolate bar stood out among the icons. I don’t know what a Whipple-scrumptious fudgemallow could be. It sounds almost like a smores chocolate bar. Can you even compare it to any existing dessert? The Little Library Café decided to take on the challenge. She created a delicious recipe that has me drooling for an entire box of her Wonka bars. If you’re hankering for a chocolate treat, this is the recipe for you!

Image from Feast of Fiction

  1. Ambrosia squares and nectar- Percy Jackson series 

Ambrosia squares and nectar from the Percy Jackson series is an enigma. In true mythological fashion, the food tastes different per demigod. Percy tastes his mom’s blue chocolate chip cookies when he drinks the nectar. His version sounded delicious, but I’ve often wondered how mine would taste. The food lovers of Feast of Fiction decided to investigate! They channeled their inner demigod and created a delicious recipe. To check out their version, visit their YouTube channel.

Have you tried out any of these delicious recipes? Are there any other literary treats that you want to make? Let me know in the comments below! If you make any of these treats, tag me @teaandcoffeforemmy on Instagram. Or @emiliz32695 on Twitter. Please also tag the lovely creators of these recipes to show your appreciation! It’s thanks to them that we can enjoy our dream food in real life. Stay safe and happy reading!