3 Online Content Creators Who Inspire Me

Being a writer in the modern age is exciting. Every day you find new content that serves as inspiration for your own work. From adaptations to new stories, countless online writers create innovative content for the world of the internet. They shine across social media platforms and YouTube. Many of these writers form their own groups and companies to create awesome projects. Three of these groups inspire me to create content of my own.

Via Shipwrecked Comedy

  1. Shipwrecked Comedy

Shipwrecked Comedy is a group of creators who joined forces to create historical content with a comedic flair. The members of Shipwrecked are Sinéad Persaud, Sean Persaud, Mary Kate Wiles, and Sara Grace Hart. Together they’ve created iconic content that inspires me as a writer.

My favorite Shipwrecked project, Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Party, was released back in 2016. It follows the adventures of Poe and some historically famous authors as they get swept into a whodunnit mystery. The characters are vibrant, full of personality and wit. The dialogue is top notch, with quips that showcase Shipwrecked’s knowledge of the writers. It’s a must-see for anyone who wants to build strong characters, and a good murder-mystery. 

Throughout all of their content there is a strong sense of storytelling. The costumes are always wonderful, the actors are amazing, and the writing delivers. You can tell that they meticulously plan each plot point to make sure that the story flows. I took some serious notes on plot structure during my second watch of The Case of the Gilded Lily. If you’re interested in checking out their awesome content, you can visit their YouTube channel here

Via Pinterest

  1. Pemberley Digital

Pemberly Digital is a web company that creates modern adaptations of literary classics. They have an amazing talent for weaving social media and vlogs together to tell your favorite stories. 

Their first work, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, is one of my favorite Pride and Prejudice  adaptations. It illustrates how to make these characters vibrant in the modern era. Their use of social media allowed them to let the audience see a side of the story unfolding behind the scenes of the vlogs. They get to play with writing styles for each character’s posts in an exciting way. It’s a great way to learn about writing in different povs. Also, it’s a great insight into writing for different mediums. 

They’ve done four other adaptations since The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. All of these adaptations inspire me to think outside of the box when writing. It’s a reminder that writing has evolved with the modern era. Their content shows how you can use that to your advantage. To check out their amazing adaptations, you can visit their YouTube channel.

Via Reddit

  1. Crash Course

Crash Course is an educational series produced by the digital content companies Complexly and Thought Café. They specialize in creating content for students of all ages. To date, they’ve created over fifteen series about everything from World History to Engineering. There are many different hosts for their content, including Vlogbrothers and authors Hank and John Green.

I was first introduced to Crash Course in my I.B. Biology class. I can still remember the first words Hank Green ever said to me via Crash Course Biology: “Sex, and not dying.” That is definitely a way to get a tired highschooler’s attention! The writing on these episodes are a great illustration of how to write educational content. With the writing style and dynamic hosts, they are able to deliver facts in a fun way. It’s also easy to binge and retain the information. It’s written perfectly for students studying for their finals!

This series is a great study for anyone looking to write educational content in a dynamic way. It’s also a great reminder that writing nonfiction can still be creative and interesting. The research is good, and most importantly, the dialogue is written in a conversational tone. This tone combined with the interesting visuals makes it easy to pay attention and absorb the content. If you want to learn more about their content or some facts about the Mongols, you can visit their YouTube channel.

Sometimes, writing seems like an impossible task. When I feel the imposter syndrome begin to hold me back, I look to others for inspiration. These three groups are just a few of the amazing content creators who inspire me. Who are some online content creators that inspire you to keep writing? Let me know if the comments below! 

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